six a.m. and oil dripping on my head

February 19, 2006

Got your attention didn’t i? Well this is my small-town reality for the next 9 or so days. relearning the art of rising at 6 to join the the line of city-dwellers heading to work (except that my “training period” of 9 days involves swallowing a cup of bitter herbal god-knows-what at 6 sharp followed by half hour of yoga, packed breakfast and being out the door by 6.45am). Afternoons/mornings for the next 9 days will be spent at an ayurvedic centre dressed in (not much) and having oil massages and herbal milk drip on my head for an hour before washing it all off with more herbal pastes. yesterday was day no. 1 and I can get used to the idea of massages and oil (and with terrific ambience too, the centre’s in a lovely bungalow with garden and pool). Yep, like a health spa (just as expensive, massages and healthy concoctions and a list of what not to eat for the next 15 days). No cute male masseurs (sigh) very strict protocol here male therapists for the men female ones for the women. Bout the only thing I detest is the 6am wake-ups every day which is pretty crappy, when I’ve gotten accustomed to post-sunrise risings for the past hmm 10 months or so. The things a gal has to live with for health/beauty’s sake.


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