My job for the day is….

February 17, 2006

watching Oprah from 9am to 10pm, do the dishes and sweep the house from 10 to 11am and then what? More of the same, at least for a few more days until I get back to my suburban hell to unpack my things and make the new room more homey. Oprah was great, putting her best friend Gayle on the spot via four blind dates (alright already so I am jealous). I can never get why people like Ms Gayle (beautiful, smart and successful) need to (convince or be convinced?) to get a date.
rest of the day: finish overdue piece and construct a fib on why it wasn’t in on time, spend time constructively before “24” comes on at 7pm and then some more constructive time 9pm onwards when folks are watching TV serials (as if real life wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough). Brain is numbing, can’t wait to get back into thick of real work.


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